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Welcome to Atiti Service Apartments

From the gateway of South India to being a cultural hub, Chennai formerly known as Madras wears many monikers with flair. Today a major industrial hub and a veritable melting pot of cultures, the city bustles with its cosmopolitan outlook as a metropolis as much as it is passionate about music, dance festivals, art and theatre.

To the uninitiated, Atiti means 'Guest', rooted from the Sanskrit phrase ''attiti devo bhavah'' treating our guests as gods. Be it with steaming hot idli, pongal, vadai, Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD televisions or even arranging a visit to the magnificent temples of South India - It is our job at Atiti to treat our guests as Gods! As part our closely cherished and deep routed cultures; it is embedded in us to put you to ease and make you feel at home.

For the astute traveller to the busy corporate honcho; Atiti promises to offer a blend of the Arabian sea, the incense & aromas of the Indian cuisine, architecture of the ancient temple towns, the finesse of exquisite silk from its handicraft bazaars and the precision of its modern industries…all together in a melting pot of comfort and culture.

A coastal city with one of India's most longest and pristine sun-kissed beaches, Tamilians take great pride in their legacy and traditions and still are charmingly diversified with different people from different backgrounds calling this city home and making it ever hospitable and ever welcome.

And that is the essence of our home-Welcome to Atiti !